The well-known phrase “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” was coined in England during Victorian times. Each of the “something”s was meant to bring the bride good luck for her wedding day. “I had part of a blue handkerchief from my grandfather sewn into the hem of my dress,” Christy, Ostreum‘s Director of Events, shared.

While some modern couples have decided to forgo these traditions – we don’t blame you! – many still try to incorporate the old, new, borrowed, and blue into their wedding days. There are plenty of ways to include the color blue, many of them subtle, some of them much more obvious. Here are 10 ideas for your “something blue” on your wedding day!

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Sippin’ Pretty

Everyone needs a cute bottle to help hydrate in the morning while getting ready. Pick out a Nalgene, Hydro Flask, Stanley, or Yeti cup to use on your wedding morning. Many can also be personalized with your new last name or monogram.

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Wrap your bouquet in a light blue ribbon for a pop of color.