We are asked for first look ideas all the time! Should you do one? If so, which one should you choose? With Ostreum’s First Look Guide, you can decide which first look idea is best for your wedding day!

Why Do a First Look?

First looks are a great way to ease nerves on the morning of your wedding. Seeing your partner before the wedding can help you relax and enjoy the ceremony without the added pressure of seeing them for the first time down the aisle in front of all of your friends and family.

First looks also help you to get most of your couple and wedding party photos out of the way before the wedding ceremony, leaving you more time to eat, drink, and dance with your guests!

First Look… with your partner

You know it, you love it – it’s the new normal! The Ostreum has plenty of beautiful backdrops for your first look, from the bridal suite to the front doors to the ceremony space!

First Look… with your wedding party

Your friends loved you first – shouldn’t they get a reveal all their own? The photos of their happy faces are always so sweet!

Photo by Anna Haile Photography

First Look… with friends & family

Doing a first look with parents, siblings, grandparents, and any other important family members always makes for a sweet moment you’ll remember forever. These photos often end of being some of the most cherished of the day!

First Touch

Want to have a moment with your partner before the ceremony, but don’t want them to actually see your dress yet? A first touch is a great way to diffuse some of the tension and nerves of the wedding day while still getting to have your first look down the aisle! Check out these adorable examples from our sister venue, BRIK!

Get Creative!

Put on a blindfold, plan a phone call, or write a note instead of risking a glimpse! Ostreum couple Caleigh & Luke made “one last long distance phone call” before their wedding ceremony – and how cute are these photos!

Down the Aisle

Save your first look for when you walk down the aisle! This is the more “traditional” way, and certainly one of the sweetest! Who doesn’t want to see their partner tear up when they see you walking down the aisle?! There’s never a dry eye in the whole place!

We hope Ostreum’s First Look Guide helped you decide which first look option is best for you! Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

Ostreum’s First Look Guide

August 19, 2022

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