Love in every corner

Ostreum beckons you into a world of sultry sophistication and allure. Our industrial space fuses modern amenities and historical aesthetic, creating an atmosphere that is both mysterious and captivating. Unveil the charm of this urban venue.

Explore the extraordinary. Ostreum is for the unique and bold. Those looking for a venue with an upscale edge will find all they need in this updated warehouse. If you want something different, Ostreum is your ideal venue with


that will ensure your event looks and feels uniquely YOU. Come discover the secret of Ostreum.

Curated Experience

Each wedding is different and each couple unique. Make the venue yours.

All in the Details

We have thought of every little detail you might need from your venue and we are always only a message away.

Go with the Flow

Your day will flow smoothly through the venue and each space is designed for the ultimate guest experience.



It’s the small things that make forever and we have paid special attention to all the intricate details of your wedding venue. Discover all the secrets Ostreum offers.

Ostreum is a modern, industrial warehouse venue that can accommodate a wide range of events. Our high-end amenities give you the freedom to customize your day. The original architecture, speakeasy concepts, and modern design offer a unique experience.

We want you to love your venue, so your experience is personalized to ensure you get the attention that you deserve. Share with us your vision to determine if we are the right fit for each other. We want to get to know you as a couple and serve as your source for all things venue. We are at your beck-and-call from the moment you inquire to beyond your wedding day.